Monday, November 4, 2013

Holiday Planner Mini-Album Kit

It's always a little easier during the hectic holiday season if you can be a little bit more organized.  So now is a perfect time to make yourself a holiday planner!  This super-stinkin'-cute organizer, created from Close to my Heart's new Sparkle & Shine paper, My Compliments and one of our exclusive True Fit Folios will keep you on track in the most stylin' ways!

Holiday Planner Mini-Album Kit $35
(Includes Shipping and Handling)

Your Mini Album Kit will include:
  • Pre-scored True Fit Folio
  • Pre-cut and pre-stamped B&T and Cardstock from Sparkle & Shine paper pack
  • Pre-printed and pre-cut cardstock inserts (Gift List, Shopping List, Card List and MORE!)
  • Complete Package of Sparkle & Shine My Compliments Dimensional Elements
  • Assortment of washi tape samplers
  • 18 Clear Sparkles (assorted sizes)
  • 24" Ruby Chevron Ribbon
  • Step-by-step instructions
Other supplies, not included, needed to complete project:
  • Adhesive(s)
  • Liquid Glass or liquid glue
  • 3-D foam tape
***SOLD OUT***

If you would like to receive the instructions only...just place an order for $15 or more in products (before shipping and handling) on  Then email me at and request your FREE copy of the 'Slice of Summer' Mini Album Kit!


Misty said...

Wish I was member of your team! :-)

NancyK said...

Thanks for sharing!!! Too cute . . .and I LOVE kits!!!

NancyK said...

Thanks for sharing!!! Too cute . . .and I LOVE kits!!!

Tammy H said...

Since your kits are all sold out would you be willing to share just the directions? How much would you charge for the pdf file? Let me know at if this is possible.

Tammy H said...

Forgot to mention that I am a CTMH consultant. Sorry!!

Unknown said...
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