Wednesday, July 27, 2011



My scrapbooking/stamping/papercrafting supply overflow will be displayed during my Open House and is just waiting to go home with you!

Tons of NEW and GENTLY USED stamp sets starting at $2.00!!

Saturday, July 30th
Noon - 4:00pm

Contact me today if you would like directions to my home!

Don't live in the Phoenix/Surprise area??
Then contact me and I would be happy to send you a list of what I have for sale!!
These prices are just too good to miss!!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Extravaganza Artwork...Topiary

Hello everyone! Hope you are having a terrifict Tuesday!!

Today for your viewing pleasure...I have this incredible topiary make with paper! Yep! You got it! Paper!! This stunning creation was made with the fabulous new 3-D paper flower cut outs from Close to my Heart's new exclusive Art Philosophy Cricut Cartridge. It was as simple and easy as programing my Cricut to cut the flowers, roll and glue to a foam shape!! Now even as easy as it is...I will admit there is about 300 flowers on this baby! So cut yourself some flowers, grab your DVR remote and catch up on your favorite show.

There are a total of six different flower shapes you can cut with CTMH's new Art Philosophy Cartridge. For the foral ball I used the rose style cut to create these semi-opened rose buds. They were cut at 3-3/4", inked and distressed with Chocolate ink and the rolled and glued with a touch of hot glue.

I created the stem of the topiary with a wooden dowel and some scrap floral stems from silk flowers I purchased for another project. I inserted the dowel in the foam ball and secured it in the pot with some additional foam, then surrounded to dowel with the cut stems.

For the 'moss' I cut one of the other styles of flowers from the cartrige - a more 'pom' style flower also at about 3-3/4" in Olive Cardstock.

I was thrilled with the results! I look forward to creating some other incredible home decor with the new Close to my Heart exclusive Art Philosophy Cricut Cartridge!

Thanks for stopping by today!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Extravaganza Artwork...Typeset

Photos in layout courtesy of Jennifer Strozewski
Today I have for you one of Close to my Heart's new My Reflections Level 2 scrapbooking paper packs - Typeset. It is gorgeous in it's lucios colors of Black, Juniper, Vineyard Berry, Bamboo and Colonial White. It will be your favorite go-to paper pack for all those back to school photos, graduation photos and countdown layouts. But, wait!! What's that you say? My layout is all summery?? Yup! You got it folks! The gorgeous colors in this new paper pack coordinated so well with my would have been almost criminal not to use it! But doesn't it look great?? It's one of my favorite layouts...for the moment, anyway!

Please enjoy some other selections of my Extravagnza Artwork with the new Typeset paper pack. (Please forgive the I am a 'mad' papercrafter, but a 'bad' photographer! Can't do it all, right??)

Friday, July 22, 2011


Okay all you faithful readers!! Time to be rewarded for your efforts! Today I am finally giving away my first BLOG CANDY!! This is celebration for several things...

First, that I have finally gotten over the last big-life-hurdle of preparing for, teaching at and attending Close to My Heart's Annual Convention. (not that more hurdles won't come my way really soon - but I gotta take a breath at sometime, right?)

Next, that I have actually posting on my blog again after a six month absence.

Last, (and most importantly) I am now celebrating my 10th YEAR with Close to my Heart!!

All these things seemed reason enough to celebrate with you and offer you some fabulous prizes and goodies! (Oh - and shamelessly recruit some new followers and readers!)

So here is what I have for one lucky winner:

A beautiful array of handmade items from me!!
You will get 2 cards with envelopes, once card box and one absolutely adorable paper cupcake all created from our gorgeous Sophia My Reflections Level 2 paper pack!

Wanna know how you could enter to win?

Become a follower!!
Then leave a comment telling me that you did or that you already are a smart cookie and you've been following me. :) For another chance to win these fabulous prizes...give me a shout-out on your blog and post a link to my Blog Candy post - of course you'll need to leave another comment telling me that you did, along with your blog address (if you don't - I won't know that you did and you miss your extra chance to win!)

I will leave my very first Blog Candy contest open until July 31st. On that day, I will have my very handsome 8-year-old assistant draw a name and then I'll announce the winner!

In the meantime, keep hanging in here with me! I am in the process of taking photos of all my convention artwork and will begin posting it all really - really soon!!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Psssttt.....remember me??

Ever have one of those days??

Well, I am having one of those kinds of years!! If there was a life-hurdle out there that needed to be jumped...I've jumped it in the last 6 months. (And if you've every met me personally, you know I'm kind of a 'fluffy' girl and jumping certainly does not come easily to me!!) Yes, got it! It has been about 6 months since I have been able to share on my blog and I have missed you all terribly. It also seems the few readers I actually have out there in blogger-world might have actually missed me too! (Thanks for your emails of concern that I may have fallen in a ditch or something.)

But I am here to tell you...
I'm back baby!!

So we're going to start off this reunion with my very first every blog candy!! (Must now make mental note to raid my CTMH stash and come up with fantastic prizes and goodies...) Stay-tuned for all the details on how you can win...but I am sure it will involve something along the lines of leaving a comment and following my blog (cause I would love to boost my readership to more than the three loyal people who do read my blog - you know - my mom, my sister and my best friend!)

So hold onto y'er britches folks....cause I look forward to sharing all the fabulous artwork that I have stocked up over that past 6 months....and that includes all the goodies I created to teach at Close To My Heart's Annual Convention...and hopefully try and make up for this incredibly unexcused absence!!