Sunday, July 24, 2011

Extravaganza Artwork...Typeset

Photos in layout courtesy of Jennifer Strozewski
Today I have for you one of Close to my Heart's new My Reflections Level 2 scrapbooking paper packs - Typeset. It is gorgeous in it's lucios colors of Black, Juniper, Vineyard Berry, Bamboo and Colonial White. It will be your favorite go-to paper pack for all those back to school photos, graduation photos and countdown layouts. But, wait!! What's that you say? My layout is all summery?? Yup! You got it folks! The gorgeous colors in this new paper pack coordinated so well with my would have been almost criminal not to use it! But doesn't it look great?? It's one of my favorite layouts...for the moment, anyway!

Please enjoy some other selections of my Extravagnza Artwork with the new Typeset paper pack. (Please forgive the I am a 'mad' papercrafter, but a 'bad' photographer! Can't do it all, right??)


Amy Moore said...

Great artwork and I agree that is a fabulous layout, no surprise that it's your fave right now!

Amy Ulen said...

Typeset is my new favorite kit and your artwork is fantastic! Did you use the new Cricut cartridge on these?

Kelly Triggs said...

Thanks Amy & Amy!! :)

Yes, I was one of the privileged consultants who got to learn about the cricut early, play with it and then teach it at 2011 convention! :)

You will be seeing a lot of my upcoming Extravaganza artwork will have used images and such from the new Art Philosophy Cartridge.

Kelley Balzola said...

Love your typeset artwork!! I am now a follower, please add me to the blog candy pot :)

Pamela OConnor said...

I'm so glad I got to sneak over to your Extravaganza booth during the break! Everything you created is amazing...especially the snowflake album!!! =) Glad to see you back to the blogging world. God bless!

Nubia said...

sooooo cute! I've made a similar card (as your thank you), but it spells out BIRTHDAY (with a present in one of the boxes). I was totally inspired by someone else's card. I'll have to definitely remember this one for a future project!