Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Wishes do come true....

I am so excited to announce that the long-awaited release of our new card idea program Wishes is now available!

Much to my delight, this book was not scheduled to be released until mid-June, however 'wishes do come true' and this incredible new program is now available for order!! Since I know you have not had a chance to see it yet...let me just tell you it is fantastic! This beautiful, spiral bound, hard-cover book had 109 brand new patterns, which includes three complete “card workshops.” These “card workshops” are specifically designed to help you make bulk cards faster, simpler, easier. It also emphasizes unique ROUND card patterns and a template CD to make these circles spectacular. Imagine the fun of receiving a cool, round card! Even better, imagine the fun of creating one!

So contact me today to see about treating yourself to your very own copy today!