Thursday, August 5, 2010

Album Contest Photos

Hurrah!! My contest album was finally sent back to me. So...just as promised, here are the photos of the layouts in my 3rd place winning album. I am a bit disapointed the album was sure put through the ringer and most of the pages are a bit dog-eared and well handled. But I am still thrilled to have it back and get some of the layouts framed and hung on my wall! (I love to display and enjoy, rather than leave in the album on the shelf.)

First, let me share some of the general rules of the contest. You were to create an album with a minimum of 6 two-page layouts. Your album should somehow encompass/incorporate the theme of the 2010 convention “Picture This”. You were also to focus on the quality of the photography and emotion of the journaling. Also, there were specific requirements for each of the six layouts:

• Layout 1: Have a minimum of 10 photos
• Layout 2: No more than 3 photos
• Layout 3: Black/White or Sepia toned photos
• Layout 4: One photo only on one page (no specifics on other side)
• Layout 5: Only photos of ‘things’ not people
• Layout 6: Be a Studio J layout

My interpretation of the theme was to create this album entitled “I couldn’t picture my life without….” Then, the six layouts were titled according these things in my life I couldn’t imagine living without: Family, Love, My Girls, My Son, Creativity and Friendship.

So here ya go! Stick with there are lots of photos...but hopefully you'll think it's worth the look!



Journaling Reads:
Wow...where do the years go? It seems just like yesterday I met my hubby - a strapping young gent of only 18. He said some funny jokes, made me laugh and swept me off my feet! Here it is 22 years later and we are still like two teenages in love! (Ask my kids...they'll tell you how much they groan when we snuggle!)
Journaling Reads:
(Behing the Flip Flap with magnetic closure)
Becoming a mother was something I looked forward to ever since I was a little girl. Becoming a mother of - not one - but two teenage girls? YIKES! You hear the horror stories about the tumultuous relationships mothers and daughters can have. But I can't believe how blessed I have been to have such fantastic girls as my daughters! Both of them have far exceeded my hopes and dreams for who they have become and who I see them blossoming into! I cherrish the friendships I have developed with each of them and I am actually looking forward to the rest of your teenage years...

Journaling Reads:
Okay...why? I just don't get this whole new silly thing you have going on. You are constantly trying to say and do the weirdest things to get attention. I am assured by all this is just a phase...a four year old thing. But geesh! WHAT are you thinking my little man? You like to make goofy faces at the camera, tell jokes that make no sense, copy things we say and then hysterically at yourself and just babble incoherently to no one in particular. Having a boy is a whole new world to me! I can just see your future as the class clown. You are lucky we love you so little goofball!!

Title Quotation:
"To be creative means to be in love with life. You can be creative only if you love life enough you want to enhance it's beauty, you want to bring a little more music to it, a little more poetry to it, a little more dance to it." - Osho
Journaling Reads:
Okay...I confess...I am a creative junkie!! I have tried just about every creative hobby there is out there. But nothing has fed my soul more than scrapbooking. Maybe it is because I am so sentimental. (Secretly - I think it is because it is the hobby with the most toys!!)
Journaling Reads:
When I became a Close to my Heart consultant I was just looking to get a discount on the products I loved. I never expected to find all the wonderful life-long friends and the long-lost ones! In my 9 years with CTMH, I have made a lot of 'creations' but the bonds I have created with these women are the ones I will forever be most proud of!


Tracey Mason's Studio said...

Kelly, my dear friend. Your album is beautiful. I loved every single page. Congratulations and big hugs to you.

Krista Ritskes said...

It's absolutely gorgeous!

Unknown said...

Breath-taking. THANK YOU for sharing this so that I got to take my team drooling over every page. There just wasn't enough time at Convention to REALLY look at these amazing works of art.

Big Red Scraps said...

Your album is fabulous! Truly inspiring, thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Kelly, your album is beautiful. I can't believe I missed it at convention...they kept getting passed around the table! Great work. Thanks so much for sharing.

Haley D. said...

What a beautiful tribute to your life and all that you hold dear! Congrats!!!!!

Katy said...

I absolutely LOVED your album...there were so many pages I have on my "recreate" list!!!

Andrea Ewen said...

Congratulations, Kelly, your win was well deserved. Your album is gorgeous and more importantly than the win are the super memories you have immortalized in such a beautiful keepsake.

Lisa Stenz said...

Oh Kel, I am soooooo glad that you posted these. Every time I went to check out the albums at Convention, they weren't there. I LOVE your layouts! I know I have told you a million times before, but I must say it again. You are one talented lady! Big hugs,

Amy Moore said...

Your album is wonderful. I liked so many of the pages, the stories and the embellishing details were spectacular.

Dawn said...

I so enjoyed seeing this album in person at Convention. Your work is just amazing!

Annie Berntson said...

You are so incredibly talented! My favorite LO is the one of your girls - I will be lifting that one immediately! Thank you so much for sharing your gift with all of us.

Romaine said...

This is soo beautiful!!! Well deserved-this is so gorgeous, wonder how the 1st and 2nd looked?? TFS!!!

nonapearl said...

Simply LOVELY Kelly! Your attention to detail is stunning.

Stampin n da Hood said...

how did I ever miss your album post?!
Every single page is a treasure...I bow to you!