Thursday, February 18, 2010

Well, better late than never...

Although Valentine's Day was days ago...and the heart shapped chocolate boxes around my house are now empty skeletons and the sugar-high has faded...I still wanted to take a few moments and share my Valentine's Day goodies with you.

First, here are the darling little suckers I made for my children to take as their Valentine's:

They are made from mini candy canes. You just place two mini candy canes in the shape of a heart on a piece of wax paper an fill the center cavity with some melted candy making chocoate (I of course chose white chocolate for these suckers). I purchased an inexpensive squeeze bottle from the craft store along with the chocolate to make the process go quickly and easy! Once I filled the center with chocolate I placed a sucker stick in the warm chocolate, dabbed on a few multi-colored sprinkles and the let them set up. In about 15 min or so you have these darling suckers that I baged and tagged...and ta-da!!

Then, as much as I love mint and chocolate together, I felt as though I wanted to do something a little different for all the adults in my life who I wanted to share a little love with. So what did I do? I baked! One of my newfound hobbies (like I needed another!) is to do cake a spinoff from that is to do these cute little sugar cookies with all kinds of fun pipping on them.

When it comes to making homemade's all about the presentation. So I made sure to bag them up nice and place a cute little tag on them....and ta-da....YUM!


Unknown said...

TO DIE FOR...all of it!

Katy said...

so cute!!!! I've always loved people who make cookies look that CUTE...even without the adorable packaging!!!

AaronB said...

How cleaver, and cute!